Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

140921 Sep 16th
In terms of personality, what are you like when you draw? Are you the calm and collected type that paces themself like Mozart did, or the uptight, trying not to flip out artist type like Beethoven?

I’m a fucking psychopath when I draw. Like I’ll probably bite your arm off if you get too close. 

1 Sep 16th
When it comes to writing anything (a song, a book, a poem, etc.), does it need to have a moral lesson to it? Or have you seen writers write a story with no message at all?

Personally, I don’t need something to have a moral for it to be enjoyable, but it’s always a plus to leave a work with something thought-provoking.

Also I consider “The Little Mermaid” a story with no message and I enjoy it a lot.

2 Sep 16th

yeah that works

5 Sep 15th

yes I think this is a perfect way to start my portfolio presentation for my school

16 Sep 15th

Quest for today:

Find a rly cute pair of sunglasses that’s as cool as I am.

Because my old sunglasses broke and that makes me sad. :(

3 Sep 15th


I thought it would be really funny but…

oh man the shame I’m laugh crying ahh

fuck you Alyssa XD


11 Sep 15th

Why you gotta ruin my life like that man

5 Sep 15th

Yeah Dija Jesus Christ he’s not into that

Fucking weirdo

4 Sep 15th #it's 2 am and I'm giggly

decided to draw a self-portrait

this might be my most true-to-life portrait yet but I still need a few more years of drawing under my belt in order to capture the true essence that is myself

11 Sep 15th #I AM A GIANT LOSER #and I love it #p much can be used as a portrait for anyone with a super otp